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From: "Mike Segal" <mike.segal@privateequityforums.com>
Date: January 16, 2014 at 9:45:30 AM PST
To: "'Erica'" <erica@eproinsuranceagency.com>
Subject: Opportunity to Present E PRO Insurance Agency LLC at 2014 National Business Funding Conference / Yale Club New York
Reply-To: <mike.segal@verizon.net>
2014 National Business Funding Conference ? The Grand Ballroom of the Yale
Club New York Thursday ? February 27th ? 11:00am - 7:30pm  


In the event that you were away over the holidays, I wanted to follow-up on
my previous correspondence about presenting your company to investors at our
2014 National Business Funding Conference being held in the Grand Ballroom
of the Yale Club New York on Thursday, February 27th. If you are seeking
capital, speaking at this forum will give you the opportunity to get your
story out to a roster of more than one-hundred direct funding sources, which
will include numerous high net worth and Angel investors as well as
principals from many of the nation's foremost venture capital and early to
later-stage private equity firms.

You can see a video from our most recent national investor forum on November
21st on the homepage of our website at www.privateequityforums.com. This
should give you a better sense of the high quality and dynamics of our
prestigious conferences. You can learn more about myself and our
organization, New York Private Equity Forums, on LinkedIn at
www.linkedin.com/in/mjsegal and are certainly welcome to connect with me if
you need some help or guidance to obtain funding.

Now in our 14th year, this exclusive private gathering, not compromised by a
heavy population of vendors and service providers, will provide a
target-rich environment and favorable setting for your company to deliver
its vision to a captive audience of qualified funding sources, for just a
fraction of the cost of hiring an investment banker or traveling extensively
to raise money. As investors will be attending from throughout the United
States, you can think of our conference as a Road Show that comes to you.
The upcoming investor forum will be our 48th consecutive event since June of
2001, all of which have been fully-booked with leading members of the
business and investment communities. Our forum will provide a strong
a platform to reach investors directly with unfiltered information, which is
delivered by you personally about the investment opportunity that resides
with your company. i.e. its market, management team, competitive advantages
and growth potential with funding. If you are not already familiar with our
well-established funding venues, you can find numerous testimonials and
references from other CEOs at www.privateequityforums.com/entre-test.html.

January 20th Presenter Selection Deadline: Based upon the number of
companies already scheduled to present and in the queue, we now expect to
complete our roster of Presenters by January 20th. Accordingly, please
contact me as soon as possible if you would like to be considered for a
place on our February 27th conference program. To have us tentatively hold a
speaking slot pending our chance to discuss the event, kindly let me know
via e-mail w/ your Executive Summary and call me at 646 559 2868. At that
time, we can review the potential investment opportunity in your company,
venue details, available visibility options and any costs that are
involved. As every company differs with respect to its financial resources,
stage, revenues and funding requirements, please note that we do not have a
one-size-fits-all-model with respect to fees, payment terms and visibility
options... And we will do our best to get a company on the program with the
framework of its budget.

If you have been trying to obtain equity or debt financing and things are
not going as quickly as you would like, our February 27th funding venue
could be an ideal vehicle to help you accelerate the process. The
forthcoming venue can help you solve the three biggest problems in raising
capital 1) identifying active investors, 2) gaining credible entr?e to them
and 3) meeting them under favorable circumstances. Moreover, the event
drives the single most essential factor in getting funded quickly, and that
is the ability to create "contemporaneous interest" among investors, which
also can serve to significantly improve deal terms.

Although we have not had a chance to talk about this event or your company's
funding requirements, as I had previously indicated, this correspondence is
not part of a bulk mailing being delivered to you by a commercial e-mailing
service and has been sent it on the basis of general research that our staff
has undertaken on your company based upon its industry sector and stage of
operations. Of course, we do not know the growth plans of your company or
its need for capital, but are always on the lookout for promising companies
that may resonate with our investors.

To Get the Presenter Application Process Started, Please Call. Do Not Write:
In order to provide you with a timely response, thank you for Not sending me
questions about the event that require an e-mail response. I have found that
a brief conversation first can save a great deal of time on the
back-and-forth of e-mail exchanges and will give me the opportunity to
respond to your questions in the context of your company’s capital needs
and financial position. Again, at that time we can discuss your company’s
qualifications to present, its funding requirements, venue details and any
costs involved.

You are also welcome to send me your Executive Summary and I will call you
back as soon as possible... Please be sure that any info you send me
includes a phone number where I can call you. Thanks? You can reach me in
the New York area at 646 559 2868.

Look forward to hearing from you if you would like to learn more about being
featured on our February 27th program.

All the best for the New Year.

Kindest regards,

Mike Segal


Direct Line: 646 559 2868


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531  Main  Street   ?  Suite  1116
New York  ?  New York ? 10044

Article in “Opportunist Magazine”: In light of the recognition that we
have received from the investment community and entrepreneurs seeking
capital, we are quite proud that our organization, New York Private Equity
Forums, was selected by one of the leading business and investment
publications, “Opportunist Magazine”, for the cover story in their
December 13th, 2011 issue, for which I was interviewed. If you would like to
learn more about our history and value proposition, you may want to read
this article entitled “Connecting Investors and Entrepreneurs”, which
addresses capital raising and chronicles the reasons for the long-standing
success of our funding venues, just go to

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Erica was nominated by Angela Miller-Bevan: "Erica is a volunteer basketball coach at my sons' school. She volunteers her time to coach the 7th & 8th grade boys basketball team and then also the 7th & 8th grade girls basketball team during thier season. She has stepped up to the plate to do this for quite a few years and does it with the best attitude and greatest amount of spunk.

The kids love her and I know as a parent I enjoy watching her coach our kids, with all of her energy she brings to the game. This will be her youngest son's last year at the school, as he will be gong onto high school, and I think it would be a wonderful thing to give her this award to help her remember what a wonderful coach she is and how much we all appreciate her."